His Heart For Africa is focusing on two groups in the Jinja community: the children and the elderly. 

There is such a huge demand for help getting children an education. No schooling in Uganda is free. You have to pay for everything. No mom should ever have to make the choice between feeding her child and sending her child to school. His Heart For Africa comes alongside moms and grandmas who are taking care of their children and grandchildren to the best of their abilities. These women work hard but don't make enough money to provide a roof over their heads, food, and an education. We help alleviate some of this difficulty by providing the school and lunch fees as well as school supplies so a child is fully prepared to receive an education. 

There is also a great need for care for the elderly. One of the reasons so many people have so many kids is the hope that one of them will survive long enough and do well enough in life that they can care for them as they near the end of their lives. There is no hospice or nursing homes or assisted living. Relying on your children or neighbors is the only way that you will be taken care of as you get older and near the end of your life. 
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